Invisalign® & PROPEL® Info

At Safety Harbor Family Dentistry, Dr. Guifang Cai and our team always strive to help our Invisalign® patients achieve their best possible smiles as efficiently and as quickly possible! To help this effort, our office uses the state-of-the-art “fast track” technology from PROPEL®. 

For patients undergoing Invisalign treatment, PROPEL works with their own biology to stimulate and aid the bone around their teeth. This allows teeth to move more quickly and efficiently, resulting in an amazing smile in less time. Although each patient’s treatment is different, PROPEL can actually help complete Invisalign treatment in about half the time. This means, your best smile could take you less than a year to achieve!

To see if the Invisalign system of clear aligners and PROPEL’s orthodontic accelerator technology is right for you, call Dr. Cai today to schedule your consultation!